Why blogs are important?

Have you ever thought about the reason why you go online? Let’s rewind. 

When asked in a survey, 100 percent of the people mentioned they go online to pass time. But is that actually true today? 

I found it difficult to digest so on better research I got to know about the other reasons why people go online. Here are they. 

  • To socialize
  • To communication
  • To gain information and education 
  • To watch 
  • To pursue hobbies
  • For buying and selling 
  • For business

There may be many other reasons but these were the common ones. 

We are going to focus on Point 3 today: information and education. 

Now there are three ways to gather information and education. To Watch, To Listen or To Read. Listening is yet to take its roll (Podcasts). 

Watching is fast. 

Reading is slow. 

But did you know the longer it takes to gain knowledge, the longer it stays !

However, there is no second thought regarding the preferability of video based learning, but there is still a grand size of population, who loves reading. 

In my view, if you want to know about something, watch video. If you want to understand about the same, read about it. 

Thus originates the importance of blogs. People love to read and understand. 

But there is more to blog writing. Let’s explore them one by one. 


The primary reason we make a website is to have people visit it. We want people to know about us. We want footfall on our website. 

In the list of n number of ways regarding how to get footfall on our website, blogging is among the top ones. And it\’s on the top if you are making an informative or knowledge based website. 

The more relevant content you post about your subject, the higher number of footfall on your website. 


Knowledge Sharing

On larger scale, the problem is not lack of knowledge. The problem is lack of communication and lack of application. Writing and most importantly sharing about it, saves the world from the former. 

People love to share their experiences and stories. But all can\’t be full time writers or do not have the ability or perseverance to write a book. So often, people go for the short version ie blogs, articles, research papers etc. 

You too can share about yourself and your brand through blogs on your website. And remember, when you contribute to somebody\’s life, you leave a mark. 


Let Know, You Know

One of the most unsatisfactory feeling is going to the deathbed with music still inside. We all must have heard about this.

When you know you can contribute, feel free to write and share. And let your audience know that you know about your product or service.

We all feel confident in dealing with a seller when she has in-depth knowledge about the product/service she is selling. If you have that, bank on it.


Search Engine Optimisation

Let\’s talk business. Search Engine Optimisation is entirely based on keywords. But there is limited space on your website through which you can improve your SEO ranking. 

Blogs give you a platform for the same. 

When you write technical blogs with proper keyword density, you have a higher chances of getting better results on SERP. And who doesn\’t want to get listed on top pages of search engines !!

To know more about SEO, read here


One Time Cost

My favourites. 

I consider blogs as passive income generators. You have invested your time and cost once, and you shall keep getting footfalls until unless the content stays relevant. 

As a result, always look forward for quality content instead of quantity. 

After all, who says only diamonds are forever, blogs are too. 


Being in an industry, where content is considered to be the king, I understand the importance of blog writing. 

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I understand that not all who know can be good communicators. I also understand writing is not the primary concern for you as a businessman/ start up. 

That\’s why, I have a team of 30+ full time content writers with me (with experience in various fields such as travelling, food, fashion etc. ) to write on your behalf. Most importantly, they enjoy writing just as you enjoy your business. 

Your Knowledge + Our Writing = Growth in Business 

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Keep Growing !! 

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