Word of Mouth Wednesday

Bringing to you Word of Mouth Wednesday !! 

Ever wondered which is one of the biggest and most under utilised reference tool? No points for guessing as it’s stated in the title itself.

So why am I talking about it today? Here is the reason:

I am starting a Word-of-Mouth Wednesday. Every Wednesday, I would post on my Linkedin about a friend/ acquaintance who has started a business on her own and may benefit a bit by my “Word-of-mouth Wednesday”. More so, I am happy about them and would like to share my happiness. 🙂

Why am I starting this?

Because I was once (and am still) one of them. I remember when I started on my own, how much a reference mattered to me. Each lead mattered. Each reference mattered. Each mention mattered. I would have been happy if somebody did the same for me. So why not be that somebody and do the same for somebody now :-).

For whom am I doing this?

Entrepreneurs whom I know personally.

When did I start?

12th April 2023 (A Wednesday)

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