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Hola! I'm Ajay

and this website is about the activities which I love to do.

A little about me…

Professionally, as per the industry standards, yesterday I was a Financial Analyst (2007 to 2012), today an Entrepreneur (2013 and continued) and tomorrow, I would like to be a Brand. But if you ask me, I believe it is injustice to define a human with one designation or role. Why be one, when you can be much more. But yes, in order to make an earning (which I repeat is one of things I like to do), I, with my trusted team members, have created couple of business ventures which are into knowledge process outsourcing (Beyond Avg), content writing (BA Content Creators), solution database (Assignment Homework Bank), digital marketing (Get You At) and spreading awareness about minimalism (minimalistee). You can know more about each of them by visiting their respective websites, all created with logic and love.

Considering it has been more than 15 years of me taking things from this society, I try to reciprocate by sharing my limited amount of knowledge through my blogs and mentorship sessions (Simple Saturday’s). Having initiated a Readers Club and a Fitness Club in 2022 (initiative to inculcate the habit of reading and staying fit among interested), I look forward to bringing a positive change in people’s life, one step at a time.

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Experience & Startups

15 Years 4 Startups

Be it a start up, or a well established brand, I understand the specific need and provide necessary, clear and long term solution which help the company to build a brand instead of just focusing on the marketing.

Assignment Homework Bank
Solution Database

A database company with more than 30,000 solutions onboard.

Beyond Avg
Knowledge Process Outsourcing

A content creation firm that writes to make a difference.

Spreading awareness about Minimalism.

A think simple company where we are spreading awareness on living a simple and purposeful life through minimalism.

Get You At
Digital Marketing

A transparent Digital Marketing Agency promising creativity and perseverance since 2018.


IIM Kolkata Certified Digital Marketing Strategist

You start ageing the day you stop learning. I do not want to grow old. I prefer staying young 🙂

Currently I am learning (& working on) how Digital Marketing & E-Com helps a company (preferably startups) grow.

Going forward I plan to dig deep into Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Executive Program, Digital & Social Media Marketing - IIM, Kolkata

6 months intensive course focusing planning, implementing and measuring the digital and social media marketing activities to create awareness, and ultimately drive sales.

Digital Ads and Analytics - Google

Includes Basic and Advanced level Google Certified Ads and Analytics.

Certified Digital Marketer - DigiVidya

Includes certification on email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimisation, content marketing, inbound marketing and google ads.

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