What to TEACH the Grown Up?

Teaching the Grown Up

Teaching may not necessarily include education lessons. A large part of life includes living a happy, healthy and honest life.
Most often, we stop teaching the grown ups (specially the teens) with an excuse that they don’t listen. Stop the excuse, start the action. We need to imbibe basic standards in all irrespective of the age. Lets recall the lessons.
To Respect
Younger/Elder, Brother/Sister, Known/Unknown, Rich/Poor etc. Teach them to respect all. Respect is known to be the greatest expression of love. Most importantly, teach HIM to respect HER.
To Keep it Clean
Cleanliness is a virtue. Whether it is one’s home/office/society/ city/country, to keep it clean is one’s moral duty. And cleanliness is not just materialistic.
Terri Guillements quotes, “Wash out your ego every once in a while, as cleanliness is next to godliness not just in body but in humility as well.”
To Save
Spend before you earn; is the mantra of the Gen Z. Even the bank advertisements don’t focus on savings anymore and spend more on credit card marketing. We are changing fundamentally. Remind all the 50/30/20 rule; Out of your total income, spend:
– 50% on your needs/necessities
– 30% on for savings and debt clearance, and
– 20% on your wants
Go back to the basics. Buy a Piggy.
To Love
The flatter the world, the emptier the life is becoming. With the ease to connect to anyone through the world, instead of getting more friends and love, people are becoming more lonely. Not just they are losing faith on the feeling of love but have started questioning the very existence of it.
Tell them about the age old successful marriages, tell them about the love happening post marriages (among husband and wife), tell them to respect feelings and never lose hope on Love.
Lastly, make them understand: Love makes the world go round.

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