Happy Women\’s Day 2020

Why just corporate women? Let\’s celebrate ALL.

Let’s think differently for ONCE

Its March 8th (International Women\’s Day). No matter in which generation you belong to, you would see/read/listen about successful BUSINESS women stories today. If not BUSINESS, they must be the founder name behind an NGO or a societal cause. But I would like to expand my horizon and would like to wish Happy International Women’s to ALL women of the society irrespective of whether they are working or not. Broadly speaking, along with the working women, I wish International Women’s Day to all housewife, mother and sisters too, who may not be earning in terms of money, but are no less than any who does.

\”Happy Women’s Day to all housewife, mother and sisters too, who may not be earning in terms of money, but are no less than any who does.\”

Talking about equality

Relax! I would not be talking about the same age old perspective on gender equality. Rather, as mentioned in the starting – let’s think differently – Where did all this equality thing got its form? Where could have been the initiation?

What’s the use of equality when atrocities against women have increased multifold overtime?
Think like this – what if the missing element was basically RESPECT – “the respect, which anybody should get for any task they do with all their heart and soul (doesn’t matter be it man or woman, personal or professional).

Think about it – what do you as a professional or as a person, crave for most in your life? Would you be satisfied with a fat paycheque you get but your views are not respected in your organisation? Or would you be happy if your perspective were ignored or for that matter not even considered to be asked?

Irrespective of age, designation, work or industry, we all crave for respect as the first place. And I believe this was, and to a large extent is, missing in the life of a housewife.

While we all appreciate them occasionally but we need to understand that their work deserves EQUAL (or more but never less) amount of respect to that of a professional (after all haven’t we started to have professional for almost each of their small task – baby sitting, food making, clothing et. al.?).

Respect housewife’s too – May be, it’s not about gender equality but more of a craving for the respect – which they always deserved, and we always denied.

Imagine this scenario – ages back, women were taking care of the household management and men were taking care of the worldwide activities. But both of them respected each other equally at the day end. Would the question of equality ever occurred in the mind of the equally valued housewife? How often do we plan to shift job where we are respected enough?

And is it just about the job?

Nopes. I believe that once the basic element of respect is deep routed in the minds of men, even the atrocities against women (be it domestic violence or rape cases), would also face a downfall – of course gradually.

But remember – Respecting means letting the person take decisions of his/her life also. Be it study/marriage/work/baby et. al. And irrespective of her choice – RESPECT her.

After all, you never know, may be, she too enjoys being a housewife and mother the best – but to prove the other gender, she had to step out of the home.

Happy Women’s Day to ALL 🙂

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