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For whom should I wake up in the morning?

For whom should I wake up in the morning?

For whom should I wake up in the morning?

Have you ever had this feeling CONSISTENTLY that for whom should you get up in the morning? Have you ever felt so lonely that none to share your problems with or none to go to? Feels completely hollow and most depressing. Doesn\’t it?

If yes, I have something to share with you. 

Yesterday night, while having a personal discussion with a friend, the other person threw this at me. For a moment, I was quiet. That\’s a straight, thoughtful question. How do you answer that? The most common response would be to state: \”I am there buddy\”. But I doubt that\’s what your buddy needs at the moment. So I decided, let\’s not focus on the problem. Let\’s focus on the thought. 

Here is my response to somebody who asks: \”Who is that one person for whom I should get up in the morning?\”

First: If it gives you minimalistic comfort, \”you are not alone\”. A good number of people around you who feel that or something similar. So relax, atleast somewhere you have company. 😉

Second: I won\’t ask you to change the thought but let\’s dig a little deep. I ask you – Why it has to be somebody else? Take a pause, stop reading and think here. If you truly do so, chances are you may not come back to read this as you would find your solution. So Happy Getting Up 🙂 

Incase you are continuing reading further, let\’s elaborate. 

Why should your getting up be dependent on somebody or something? Shouldn\’t the reason be \”YOU\” and shouldn\’t it be enough? Even when you are in a relationship, even when you have a husband/wife, even when you have kids: you may be having love and responsibility for them, but first and foremost you were and you are responsible for is YOURSELF. So keeping yourself physically fit, mentally healthy and emotionally happy is a necessity. This is not selfishness. This is taking care of self.

This is in someway related to the fundamentals of happiness. If you happiness is dependent on something or someone, sooner or later, you may be unhappy. However, if your happiness is driven internally, you would not need an external help.  

Third: Your world doesn\’t necessarily consist of your loved ones or your near ones ONLY. There must be people who contributed in becoming who you are today and you don\’t even know them or remember them anymore. So how do you do justice to them? 

For simplicity sake, let\’s call them Well Wishers (Society or the World in general). Society is not necessarily the aunt who comes home every now and then asks about your marriage/child plans. Society is much larger than that. It also consists of the teacher who helped you (selflessly) to get the passing marks in maths. It also consists of the that one person who convinces you that you shall cross that finishing line in the 10 Km Marathon. It consists of anybody who contributed to where you have reached today. And it consists of people who look forward to you each day (you being unaware of that). You simply give back to the Society. You give back to the World. 

So next time: dont finite yourself to a limited person or a limited group. There is a reason the world has 7 billion people. Find your space and if not, create one. But have one. 

And remember: Getting up for yourself everyday is your responsibility. Only then would somebody else get up for you. 


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