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Books I Read In 2021

Books I Read In 2021

Books I Read In 2021

1) Trillion Dollar Coach: Must read for anybody willing to become a coach, especially people who are into sports too

2) Grit: Helps you get better at your work

3) How will you measure your life?: For those who are running low in their life, mentally & physically

4) Atomic Habits: The best of 2021. Helps you develop small yet powerful habits which can change your life drastically

5) Deep work: Helps you focus on your work better

6) Shoe Dog: For those who love reading about building brands & companies

7) The $100 startup: For those who would want to start something on their own (but also want to be comfortable within self)

8) Psychology of money: Understand why you think about money the way you think about it

9) Radical Candor: Must read for managers and senior their members

10) E-Myth: Decent read for small business owners

11) No rules rules: They say it is about Netflix. I say it is about rethinking about your set rules

12) The future is faster than you think: Indeed. Read. Think. Learn.

13) Rich Dad Poor Dad: Must read specially for those who have started earning. The earlier, you read, the better it is

14) Mindset: It’s all about this

15) Man’s search for meaning: If you think you have been through enough, dare this. Post that, be back and try to find the meaning

16) The Four Agreements: Simple and Quick read on factors which can help you lead a happier life

17) Steve Jobs: Love him or hate him, you cannot ignore him

18) Compound Effect: Do not underestimate the power of compounding

19) 21 Lessons of 21st Century: Explore the topics you think you know through Yuval’s eye

20) The Almanack of Naval Ravikant: Short lessons by an expert

21) Indistractable: Once again, helps you focus better

22) The Everything Store: Understand that Amazon is not just a retailer

23) Pour your heart into it: Fall in love with Starbucks and not just their coffee

24) Attitude is Everything: Says it all

25) Time Keeper: Making of time

26) The Ikigai Journey: For those who want to understand the “how”

27) Twelve and a half: Decent read to remind about the general attributes of life to be followed

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