Simple Saturdays


To be your #Mentor / #Coach / #Guide


The most precious gift you can give to anybody is your time.

On this thought, I am initiating “Simple Saturdays”.

#Mentor / #Coach / #Guide : Name whatever you would like to, I would officially want to contribute to your life If you think I can.

So to make things easier, I am starting “Simple Saturdays”; where you can book 45 mins slot with me and discuss things where you think I can contribute or help you. I would be happy to be a listener as well 🙂 (if needed).

Another reason behind doing this I would like the gap (if it is there) in-between me and my people to reduce and if any miscommunication, then it be sorted at earliest. You need not wait for me to come at it or think twice before asking me if I am available etc. Rather, feel free and book the slot and let’s discuss and close it.

That would be all I believe. Short, Sweet & Straight.