Clients: The Unsung teachers

Happy Teacher\’s Day.

I have a habit of writing blog on Teacher\’s Day. We should always be grateful to the people who taught us lessons in life (be it body building, playing sports, education or business).

Previously I have written about how \”Google The Constant Teacher\” is changing our lives on a daily basis and How each of us need to \”Be A Teacher in regular life.

Let\’s explore this year.

The Word \”Teacher\”

I am very much particular about the word Teacher.

A teacher is someone who teaches you \”for you\”. Who brings the best out of you.

So when people say, everybody Teaches you something so wish every body \”Happy Teachers\’ Day\”, I say \”Sorry\”. Just like not everybody is a Friend, similarly not everybody is a Teacher. Apologies.

So, who do I have this year as my Teacher?

Teacher 2020

This year, I am sure most would be writing or discussing how COVID19 has been the best Teacher of their life. I understand. But when I deep dived, I realised that there is one unsung segment of Teachers without whom we would never grow to our best: Our Client\’s.

Mind you, I am not talking about client\’s in professional terms. Professionally a Client is \”someone who buys your product/service for a mentioned amount\”. They judge you and your services based on the payment they make and what they receive. I am NOT talking about them.

Let\’s talk about some who are beyond that.

There are client\’s who trust you, your capabilities and consistently push you to be better (just like Teachers) and with their enriched experiences they teach you lessons on not just how to conduct business but also how to grow your business, grow yourself.

Most importantly, they do not just pay you for the work you deliver. They pay you for the efforts you put in. They understand, results are secondary, efforts are primary. After all, result is just an outcome.


How to Choose Teachers (Clients)?

It all starts with necessities.

Through out life we keep running after client\’s. I understand the rush. We all have our necessities. Agreed.

But what about post that? In the run for luxuries, we start working with client\’s from whom we learn nothing. With whom, we don\’t grow. Whom we treat purely on the basis of payment they provide.

Also, remember about the Pareto Principle – \”20 percent of your customers generate 80 percent of your revenues\”. So imagine why run after the other 80 percent? Why not just focus on the primary 20 percent.

We all have limited time. Post the necessities, let\’s try to create our own niche. By no means, I am asking you to start saying NO to clients. What I am saying is, just like your clients, you too be selective.

We take 2-3 rounds of interview\’s while selecting our candidates. Have we ever thought, why we don\’t do the same for our clients? Not interview\’s. But the same amount of thought.

Clients = Professional Teachers

Next time, you run into any new client meeting, think again. If you think they are not going to teach you anything, if you think you are not going to grow substantially with them, prefer not to write \”Looking forward for a long term relationship\”.

It\’s perfectly fine to be selective. Be polite and be clear. Nothing right or wrong here. Just that not all relationships are made to be together.

And after all, in the professional phase of your life, your client\’s are going to be one of your biggest Teachers. Some just push you to bring the best, take you to another level and then pay you for that.

I am blessed to have such Teachers in my life.

I take this opportunity to wish \”Happy Teacher\’s Day\” to my clients.


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